In 2014 Monique Penders (owner of Dance Studio Dentro) asked Junior van Keulen to do the summer project for her students this year. Because Junior was scheduled for rehearsals in Billy Elliot the Musical, Junior asked Spikey to take this job in hands.

LIFE. is literally about life.
In the first part of the show it’s all about choices. How a choice can change your whole life. The one doesn’t end up like the other. Everyone has different goals in life. And some people are happy with the small things. And some people want bigger and better.

The second part of the show gives the audience a completely different vibe.
The stage looks like a living room where people cut their selves in front of a mirror and where people get dragged over the floor. It has a really dark side. In the end you see how your life can be ruined by others.

LIFE. was in the theatre 16th and 17th of August 2014.
And made a come back during Bravo Festival in November 2014.

This was the start of the cooperation between Spikey Lee and Monique Penders.

life 08