MBO Dans Goes

In 2014 Spikey Lee selected dancers during an audition at MBO Dans Goes and used them for his piece called “The Light”.

Its starts in the dark with a chandelier coming down the sealing.
The dancers come on stage and start moving around the light. As soon as the music changes they are all living for the light. Like this is the only light in their lives. The light that makes them happy or satisfied.




In 2015 Spikey Lee choreographed the piece “Product” for MBO Goes Dans students.

It starts with a girl in gigantic high heels walking on stage with a stick in her hand and big hat piece on. Then she takes a rope and there is a big circle of white lights. The rope is attached to 6 dancers that are clearly stuck.

The piece shows how the girl in heels is in control of everyone as he walks over the stage with the dancers in her hands.
The message of this choreography is that dancers are seen as just a Product.
The boss tells you what to do. With awkward movements, it shows how crazy it makes a dancer sometimes to work for a boss that doesn’t care about their dancers.

At the end of the number you see the dancers walk into the darkness followed by their boss. Like a group of dogs walking with their owner.