During Spikey Lee’s contract for Norwegian Cruise Line his Entertainment Production Manager announced that if the dancers or singers wanted to do something extra, they could do it during the last (repo) cruise. This is because no guest entertainers were booked yet. And the nights had to be filled up with entertainment on stage.

Spikey Lee decided to create and direct a complete show together with one of his dear friends Jake Chustz. (who was a production singer in the cast)

They created and produced a variety show with a lot of different performances and different numbers. To put everything together they chose for the name SPECTRUM. Wich stands for different colors, and different colors represent different emotions. So basically the show was supose to be a rollercoaster of emotions for the audience.

It took 6 weeks to create and install the complete show. After that the singers, dancers and musicians performed the show twice and the audience loved it. At the meet and greet the audience told the performers that this was the show that they were waiting for.