[strong>Januari 2017 | The Lion King, The Hague
Teaching the dutch Lion King’s cast a class to stay in training. (Once a month)

July 2017 | De Dutch Don’t Dance Division’s Summer Course, Korzo Theater
Teaching the jazz classes for DeDDDD’s Summer Course.

January 2017 | Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts
Teaching pre education modern and jazz classes

January 2017 | DC Dance Academy, Katwijk
Teaching the academy classes modern/jazz

December 2016 | Tutorial videos for Tybas Dance Centre, Hamburg
Teaching tutorial videos for Tybas’s online dance platform.

November 2016 | Tybas Dance Centre, Hamburg
Teaching classes at the fall workshops

September 2016 – Ungoing | New Dance Centre, The Hague
Teaching in modern/jazz and jazz/funk

September 2016 – Ungoing | Dansstudio Dance Arts, Nieuwegein
Teaching in modern/jazz

September 2016 – Ungoing | Studio Inspiratie, The Hague
Teaching in jazz/funk and modern/jazz

Juli 2016 | The Dutch Summer Course, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division
Teaching the half & full course modern/jazz classes.

May 2016 | Special Course, Leidse Ballet &Theater School 
Teaching the pre-education to prepare them for upcoming auditions.

December 2015 – April 2016 | Norwegian Cruise Line
Teaching classes at the Norwegian Sun Production Cast singers and dancers.

September 2015 – Ungoing | Dance Studio Dentro
Teacher in modern and repertoire in Alkmaar.

July 2015 | The Dutch Summer Course, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division
Teaching the Full Course and Kids.

September 2014 – June 2015 | Juvat Dance Academy
Teaching ballet classes in 3 different levels.

September 2013 – Ungoing | National Youth Musical Theatre

Teaching different classes at National Youth Musical Theatre. Amateur classes and company classes.

September 2013 – Today | Balletschool Cabriole
Teaching 3 different classes in Bussum.

June 2013 – January 2014 | FbR
Teaching HipHop for kids and Jazz for adults.

February 2013 – June 2014 | Global Dance Centre
Jazz, contemporary and hiphop teacher at Global Dance Centre Amsterdam & Almere.

February 2013 – Ungoing Amsterdam Dance Centre
Modern/ jazz teacher at Amsterdam Dance Centre, Amsterdam. Teaching beginners, intermediate, advanced and also teaching the proffs.

September 2012 – March 2013 | The Scene of Dance
Teacher at The Scene of Dance in Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Fushion.
And also teaching a class for people who wants to continue dancing in an Academy after their middle school.

August 2012 | The Dutch Summer Course, De Dutch Don’t Dance Division
Teaching the kids course.

Oktober 2010 – November 2011 | Just Dance
Teacher at Just Dance in Hiphop, jazz and modern.

September 2010 – June 2012 | Moves
Teacher at Moves Dance Wearhouse in HipHop, Jazz and Modern.

June 2009 – January 2014 | New York City Dance School
Guest teacher at every Summer and Winterworkshop. Teaching 9 classes every half year.
Also teaching at the Proffesional Dance Academy students.

May 2009 – Oktober 2012 | HipHopEnzo
Owner of the Hiphop school called HipHopEnzo, for hip hop, contemporary and jazz classes.

December 2008 – June 2008 | Den Engel
Teacher in Hiphop classes.

August 2008 | C4Jcamp, Germany
Teacher at the C4J camp in Germany for 5 days.

Oktober 2007 – December 2010 | Flashdance Nation
Teacher in HipHop and a fun class for adults.

September 2003 – May 2009 | TS Dance
Teacher at the dance department in a gym school.